Our Ecosystem

Our packages are put together to help startups get validated, grow and expand beyond their current markets. Our team assists with expertise, tools, our network and capital.


We are looking to get startups the opportunity to get funding either through our own means or our partners. Check to see our criteria or book an intake here.


This group of entrepreneurs is still in a very early stage of their startup and is still seeking their product/market fit. Do you have an idea, prototype or even starting with your MVP?


This group is for startups that are seeking help expanding their business to new markets or even expanding on their current services or products.

Ready to get started? Time to choose for greatness

Our business development packages are setup to provide guidance and help validate your startup's success. It is up to you how fast you get there. Here are the key components of how we help startups.


What is your passion? What is your "why"? What is your vision? What is the mission of your startup? Let's figure it out.


Is your product a good fit for the targeted market? If so, let's find those clients.


How will you bring the product to the market and make the business run efficiently? Let's start looking at the numbers.


This is relevant for "solopreneurs" that work by themselves, entrepreneurs that are just starting their business as well as the ones that are "stuck" and need help moving forward.


This is for the startups that already have some traction and are looking to take it to that next level.


How can we best scale your product and get a larger market share without slowing down too much? Let's get started.

Market share

Since things are on the rails already, let's see how we can get a bigger market share.

International expansion

The sky is the limit, so let's see what other limits we can extend. We'll give you a full picture of your options.

Market size and share

How big is the total market and how big is the serviceable market that your startup can serve? Let's figure it out.

Business model

We prefer reviewing startups that have a B2B business model but depending on the traction, we can consider other business models.

Financial model

We are not afraid to invest into early stage pre-seed startups or co-invest in later stage startups.



The keyword when raising capital is "traction". Before allocating funds to your startup, we will review your startup from top to bottom.

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