Don't lose faith, here's another opportunity

Our subscription service mobile app is live on Google Play for Android users and will be available for iPhone users in the next few weeks. The main reasons for getting on board, is because our mobile application provides assistance to the majority of tech entrepreneurs that need to make sense of that business idea they have and building up that business, all for one set monthly fee.

Wouldn't it be nice

There are several reasons why entrepreneurs don't adequately go after their startup dreams. Some entrepreneurs aren't in the right environment, others don't have a good support system, friends or circumstance. It would be nice to have everything perfect but no entrepreneur ever had perfect circumstances, so don't give up.

It's okay...

Poor confidence

Very few people can be confident all the time, the same is true for entrepreneurs, so as an early stage entrepreneur, don't be too hard on yourself.

Doubt and indecisiveness

Information is power but moving from your inner compass is important as well. How do you know how to navigate this? Stay humble and hungry, you got this.


Most people have their "emotional bagage" but this doesn't have to stop you. It's okay, even if you have certain trauma's, you can still pursue your dreams.

How we help

Deadline feature

To ensure that our users stay motivated on what they need to do for their entrepreneurial dreams to come true, we've got deadlines for the tasks that need to be completed.

Feasibility level

Deadlines are based on your commitment level, so YOU decide how hard you want to get to work on your dreams. Are you fully dedicated or are you just curious?


Users get the opportunity to make their own list of to-dos in support of the absolute high priority tasks. You can control your own destiny.

Download before the deadline!

To benefit from this offer, download the app now. You're that much closer to truly working on your startup dreams.

choose your plan

Capital raising guidelines and information 

Investors list (from around the world)

Pitchdeck  checklist

Accelerator program list (programs from around the world)

Accelerator program checklist

List of female founder focused accelerator programs  

Founder accountability feature; holding users accountable to continuously work on their business

Product management tools: Do-It-Yourself module

Fundraising dashboard

Startup ecosystem access 

List of female founder focused VC investors

Initial Due Diligence for capital raise

Investor relationship management tool

Team management tool

Startup idea validation tool

Product creation assessment/tool 

Product development tool

Startup Legal guidance 

 Basic package 


includes in-app purchases, 

100 investors from around the world

Limited resources and access

Premium package


per month, billed quarterly

3,100 investors from around the world

More than 500 global investors focused on female founders 

Where's your focus?

Life decisions

Sometimes it seems like life is against you. So what are you going to do about it? Let's get to work.


Are you doing what you like to pursue? Let's at least give you a fighting chance.

Financial options

You've seen the financial opportunities of pursuing your dreams in your mind, so what's stopping you?

You've got options

Multiple levels

Our application assists early stage entrepreneurs in their idea and prototype stage. The stages that are usually overlooked.

Your profile

As you're going through the multiple stages, users are also able to build up their own business profile, to keep track of things.

Business model

Through our application, we are providing accounting tools for you to see where your business is going. We also include a list of hundreds of investors and accelerator programs from around the world.


Draper university

Draper university is a global accelerator program provides support and investment to startups at various stages.

GSD Venture Studios

We got GSD Venture Studios from Silicon Valley (US) that has joined our ecosystem of partners.

Masters Fund

We collaborate with Masters Fund especially since this is a fund that focuses on investing in female founders.

Expat Coaching

Daniel Frysh from Expat Coaching is here to help you with the mental components of entrepreneurship.

TK Lawyers

For legal matters, we have the solid team at TK Lawyers, ready to assist.


In order for us to assist early stage entrepreneurs with their accounting, we're including a accounting package from Nikkle.

Take it easy

Low commitment

When it comes to pursuing our dreams, it requires a strong commitment, otherwise failure is almost a guarantee.

No roadmap

Since there's also no tailored roadmap given to entrepreneurs in advance, we'd like to assure you that this is normal and its up to your resourcefulness and commitment to see a glimmer of success.

We're here to help... All of us!

Teamwork makes the dream work

Our team of ecosystem partners is ready to assist you in getting additional assistance, beyond the mobile application.


Through the mobile application, users receive guidelines on the basics of what they need on their journey. This is provided for a competitive price.


Here's what to expect when you're interested in this application.

Download app

After downloading the app, you will be able to start or continue working on your startup and of course receive your extra, above mentioned goodies.

Resources and structure

After starting your subscription, you can start using the resources and connecting with the startup ecosystem for even more help.


Through the app, users will be able to validate if they should stop, proceed or pivot from their business idea.