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Through our web app, you can have contacts, resources and an entire ecosystem, in the palms of your hands. Follow the instructions below to get started.

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Register here for your goodie-bag and proceed to the app, to get started, follow the instructions below. You receive the following: a pitchdeck checklist, a list of 60+ investors and 20% discount on our mobile accelerator app.


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To enjoy the app's fullest power, open the app on any mobile device, iPhone, Android or other. Make sure to add it to your home screen, through your browser settings (see image).

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Once you get to the app, go through the registration and introduction of what to expect and as the last step complete the payment for the discounted rate.

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Once you're in. Proceed to the "Growth" or "Funding" section to start working on your startup.

Android user? No problem

In case you'd like the mobile app version and you're an Android user, feel free to download it from the Google Play Store.