We provide two main options to help startups get funded. The main objective is to help startups get to that next level.


We are very industry agnostic but our hard requirement is that we only get involved with software based tech startups.

Check size

We are open to writing check sizes between €100,000 and €5 million. In case you're not sure how much funding you need or if you need it, book a free intake.

Business model

We prefer Saas and e-commerce business models but in case this is not your business model, please see below what alternative option we have for you.


We prefer startups that are already generating €20K MRR but if you're not at this level yet, read our alternative option below for you.


We prefer startups from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and Canada but if you're not from mentioned countries, please read our alternative options below.


Funding through us

Here are the main things that we look at, when considering an investment. In case it's a match, please register here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Not a fit for us?

We started with Valley Date Tech because we wanted to provide opportunities to the less fortunate startup founders. Choose below what works bet for you.

Investor readiness

If you aren't ready or uncertain if you should raise capital? Try our investor readiness course. Book an intake for more information.

Network of investors

Through our network of investors, we can assist your startup in getting funding.

Very professional and patient, VDT took the time to understand every single aspect of our Startup and deliver the best advices!

Gaetan Ekoondo

CEO ComeClosely | COO Search your team

VDT is a very social and committed team with lots of knowledge about startups and raising venture capital. VDT has patiently assisted me in several situations and helped me further along my entrepreneurial journey.

Daniel van der Waals

Founder Beemup

VDT has been tremendous and opened many doors for us. The startup ecosphere is filled with smooth talkers and snake oil salesmen. Thus, it has been refreshing to receive guidance from such an honest and magnanimous team.

Lev Schneider

Founder HAAS