We are the lean online accelerator program, Valley Date Tech and offer entrepreneurs tools and resources, to validate and live out their entrepreneurial dreams or keep dreaming. For the special ones, we provide them with growth capital.


Many claim to have what it takes to setup and run their own startup. Our platform holds you accountable and tests how passionate our participants truly are to work on their dreams.


Our platform is setup out of various building blocks that guides entrepreneurs and startups to reaching specific goals for further growth. Which target do you want to reach first?


With the various tools and resources, we aim to inspire and motivate our participants to live out their entrepreneurial dreams but their success is all dependent on how creative and self-motivated they are.

What's the problem?

Entrepreneurs need all the help they can get but what can they actually get? Our online accelerator program aims to fix some of the problems in the current startup ecosystem.

Very few resources

Only 8% of early-stage startups receive help in guidance or resources.

Limited availability

Incubators, accelerators and other startup organizations tend to have limited availability.


Unlike your average accelerator program, we don't take any of your equity.

Wouldn't it be better if...

In a fair world, everyone receives an equal amount of opportunities. Our platform is here to balance the scales more adequately by providing the tools and services for startups at any stage. Here are some of te benefits:


Due to our program being online, we don't have limitations on the amount of startups that we can help.


Besides our online tools, we also have highly qualified mentors to help participants.


Our accelerator program can take on startups from multiple stages; idea, prototyping, product/market fit stage or even growth stage.

Are you up for it?

Step 1 - Selection

The choice is yours. We have four main packages for entrepreneurs to choose from, based on your startup's need and level.

Step 2 - Demo or intake request

After your selection, we get on a call and discuss how we can best help.

Step 3 - Targets and objectives

After the intake, you'll receive the roadmap of which goals and objectives we will be able to get started and work with you.

Optimizing every area of your business!

From market research, to business development and fundraising, we cover it all alongside of you.

Does this sound INTERESTING?

Select one of the options below and start your entrepreneurial journey now