We all have dreams but we live in the real world where reality is the only thing that matters. Have you been walking around with an idea or thinking "what-if" about something? Let's start validating that concept!

The Why

We'll start with you as a individual entrepreneur, your reason for pursuing this dream and then work on building it out to a business. This reason will be the wind in your sails when things get tough.

The What

Here's where we look at how your own expertise and strengths align with your ambitions and dreams and how we can navigate from there. Don't overthink it, you came up with the idea, so that counts for something.

The How

Here's where we figure out how we will bring everything together and make it real. No more walking around with "what-if" or regret.

What is stopping you?

We are open-minded and always eager to learn more, so we'd appreciate your feedback.

Validation user experience

What are you struggling with the most with your idea in bringing it to life?

Get ready because we're starting from scratch and building up your idea, one session at a time.


When it comes to


Our mentors will assist you to evaluate what you are doing while providing their expertise. This can either be with one session or multiple sessions, it depends on your commitment.


Based on the needs of you as a visionary founder, we will provide with tools to assist in validating your idea.

Network and resources

Once we get started with a founder, that founder will have access to our network of contacts and events to advance the validation, throughout the time we work with you (either one-time or over an extended period).

Who can apply?

We'd like to help everyone but at the same time, we'd like to ensure quality. For that reason we've setup a scope within which we operate. Here are the types of startup founders that can apply for validation assistance:

  • Software based tech startups
  • Industry agnostic (no specific industry)
  • Location independent; since most sessions will be online, we don't mind if you don't live in Europe, as long as you understand English, no problem


This can give you a good idea of what to expect in this validation process.

1) Intake

Are you ready? Simply book a free intake and we'll talk about how we can help.

2) Roadmap and proposal

Based on the feedback from the intake, we will make a roadmap of how we can best start validating your idea. The roadmap can be for one session or for multiple months, it depends on your commitment.

3) Start

Once the roadmap is approved, we get started with the first session.