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Through our lean accelerator platform, we provide assistance to startups at various stages. We focus on (but aren't limited to) two main groups: (1) startups seeking validation in reaching a product/market fit and (2) startups seeking to grow and expand.

Do YOU believe in that startup?

On our platform, we separate the ENTREPRENEURS from the "WAN-trepreneurs". We hold ourselves and our participants accountable for reaching business success. Below is a short overview of how we go to work with startups:

1) Intake - Transparency

With every startup, we first do an intake to see how and where we can best help. We do the legwork and you earn 15% commission on every referral that joins our program for 6 months. Are you referring a single startup to us, please select one of the two options below:

Single Introduction

In case you'd like to refer one startup to us, please click the icon to make an email introduction.

Multiple referrals

In case you have more than one lead, you can upload a CSV or Excel sheet with the startup details and we can proceed from there by reaching out to them. We'll need their startup name, contact (first name, last name, email address) and industry.

2) Roadmap & KPI's

After the intake, we present a roadmap of how we will proceed along with KPI's and objectives to keep everyone accountable.

3) Execution - Growth and funding opportunities

We assist our participants in business development and raising capital. Therefore, we provide the tools and guidance to give the best chances of success.

4) Funding & expansion - Validated!

During the runtime of our participants, we will work on validating the startup and will provide the opportunity to expand into other markets.

Guidance at every stage

We take it step by step with our startups which enables us to help startups efficiently and effectively.

1) Idea Stage

In this stage, entrepreneurs are walking around with an idea and working it out, to something more concrete. Let's help you fine tune that idea.

2) Concept Stage

Startups that are in this stage are in the process of doing research and putting everything on paper. Do you know where to find your data or what to look for?

3) Validation Stage

All of the research and brainstorming come together with actually bringing the concept to the target audience, in this stage. We'll guide you through this pivotal stage which is where the real entrepreneurs separate themselves from the "wantrepreneurs". Are you a real entrepreneur?

4) Scaling Stage

As soon as there is a product/market fit, we'll be able to guide your startup to that next milestone or even expansion of your current market share. How much ambition do you have? Our team is here to help wit te expansion or even fundraise.

5) Exit Stage

This is when the startup is looking to be acquired or go for an IPO. Are you looking to exit? Our team can assist in getting you through the various options.

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