Governmental support?

In case you are a Dutch startup looking for governmental support. Do our subsidy scan below (for free) and get support in raising government funding.

Tools to get funded?

Specifically for startups that are looking to raise capital, we've got several tools for them. We've got a basic and free option.

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Setup company profile

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Sending messages to other members

Access to free online resources

Business plan builder tool

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Canvas builder tool

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Captable manager tool

Investor readiness assessment 






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Startup team

What is it that makes an investor curious? What does an investor look for in your startup? This video shows one of our investors discuss this.

Fundraising hurdles

Check out this video where Tiambi Simms explains the various obstacles to look out for when raising capital, especially as female entrepreneur.

Venture equity

Do you know what you're getting into when raising capital from a venture capital investor? Check out this video to know more about the details of venture equity funding.