There are particular gaps in the startup and investor ecosystem. Our aim is to fill these gaps while providing opportunities to diverse underrepresented startup founders and investors.

Here for you

We are here to help two main groups, providing opportunities to both. How motivated and driven are you?


If you're motivated and driven, we'd like to work with you and take you to that next level with business development and/or funding. Wouldn't it be nice to get help with your startup?

Investor/Accelerator programs

Our platform is setup out of various building blocks that also aims to add value to investors by providing quality assistance for new vetted deal flow, managing portfolios and for running investment operations. What is your investment appetite?

Our results

2022 has been a very busy year for us. Here's what we've done so far:

Capital raised

For investors and startups, we helped raise several millions from all over the world and are now looking to make our own investments, into startups. Check our criteria in the startup section.


Startup and investor events

Together with our partners, we have shared our expertise and knowledge with the world through our events, helping startups and investors everywhere.

Global reach

Through our global network, we assisted startups on a global level; from the Netherlands, all the way to Australia.

What's the problem?

Entrepreneurs need all the help they can get but what can they actually get? We aims to fix some of the problems in the current startup and investor ecosystem.

Very few resources

Only 8% of early-stage startups receive help in guidance or resources.

Limited availability

Incubators, accelerators and other startup organizations tend to have limited availability.


Unlike your average accelerator program, we don't take any of your equity for business development, solely when we directly invest in your startup.

Wouldn't it be better if...

In a fair world, everyone receives an equal amount of opportunities. Our platform is here to balance the scales more adequately by providing the tools and services for startups at any stage. Here are some of te benefits:


Due to our program's nature, we don't have limitations on the amount of startups that we can help.


Besides our online tools, we also have highly qualified mentors to help participants.


We can take on startups from multiple stages; idea, prototyping, product/market fit stage or even growth stage.

Are you up for it?

Get started with great tools

Through our current web application, we're enabling entrepreneurs to get started on building their startup or if they'd like to get started with their capital raise. The app is divided into a basic version and a premium version and provides the following assistance:

Idea validation

Ever had that great idea that you had but didn't know if it was a feasible as an actual business? The idea stage module is just what you need.

The product

Just in case you already got the idea done, we've got the building stage module that can assist you in putting together the product and managing it.

The business

Running the business consists out of multiple factors such as legal, team management and more. We've setup multiple features and have an ecosystem of partners to assist through the app.


In case you'd like to get started with fundraising on your own, our premium version has a database of over 3,100 investors from around the world, along with tips on how to prepare for a capital raise.

More tailored approach?

In case you'd like a more hands-on approach and need help with your business, we can assist as well and will set a roadmap for a 3 to 6 month engagement, to reach set milestones. Here's how:

Step 1 - Selection

The choice is yours. Please let us know where you need help in your business and we can proceed; validation, business development or fundraising.

Step 2 - Request an intake

After your selection, we get on a call and discuss how we can help you.

Step 3 - Targets and objectives

After the intake, you'll receive the formal terms and then the roadmap of which goals and objectives we will be able to get started and work with you.

Step 4 - Commitment

During the project, we do ask our clients to stay engaged and committed for the success of the project.

Optimizing every area of your business!

From market research, to business development and fundraising, we cover it all alongside of you.

Does this sound INTERESTING?

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