Sales is the name of the game!

Together with Raymond de Looze, we are providing resources to any entrepreneur to help improve their business. To start, you can either download the downloadables at once or one by one, based on what is relevant to you.

Complete starter-kit

Idea Validation

More than 34% of startups fail due to them not having a product/market fit. Start early and validate your idea.

Customer persona template

Once you've established that there's a market for your product, you need to get specific. Here's a template to help with that.

Startup checklist

Would you like to get started with your startup? Here's a worksheet to help you get started.


Validation session

For all readers of Raymond de Looze his new book, the will receive 10% discount on our regular services plus our brand new validation session below, where we spend 2 hours with you, to work on your new business idea or improve it.

The Why

We'll start with you as a individual entrepreneur, your reason for pursuing this dream and then work on building it out to a business.

The What

Here's where we look at how your own expertise and strengths align with your ambitions and dreams and how we can navigate from there.

The How

Here's where we figure out how we will bring everything together and make it real.

Custom plan?

Need a plan that is more flexible and tailored to your specific needs? No worries, simply book a session here.