Tailored Investor Assistance

Investor Readiness

Are you looking to raise capital for your fund? Book a 3-session package to spar with a team of experts that has experience in raising capital through Limited partners. Test your fund thesis or simply how to make your fund interesting for LPs for €900 (€1,500 for non-OmniValley members).

Fund strategy

How and who are you looking to invest in? Find why this is good or why should it be adjusted.


We check your documentation like your PPM or even your pitchdeck(s) for potential improvements.

Due diligence

We'll help you with the requirements that LPs have for you to meet.

Presentation opportunities

Getting ready to present your fund is one thing, we also offer regular LP events to present your fund.

Tailored Deal Flow

Are you just starting out with your fund and you need some extra hands to navigate through deal flow? We've got a team to get you going. Book an intake to discuss what you need.

Evaluating Pitchdecks

Our team can assist in evaluating the deal flow that you receive, based on your investment criteria.

Reviewing documentation

After reviewing the pitchdecks, we can also review a startup's financial documentation if needed.