A chance to access a new market!

On April 23rd, we're providing the opportunity to 2 startups to pitch,in front of and exclusive audience. Register below to for a chance to access the Chinese market.

For this event, we're supporting startups that are looking to get into the Chinese market. Please fill-in your information , if you'd like to know more and/or even pitch to gain support for expanding into China.


Here is some practical information to keep in mind:


By registering, you get a chance to be featured at our event on April 23rd, in front of local accelerators and Chinese incubators. The selected candidates will be notified before April 20th 2024. The rest will be provided with other cross-borderĀ  opportunities.

Social media assistance

After registering, like this post and leave your startup name in the comments.

Here are some of the main reason why you should register your startup :

Knowledge and expertise

By working together, the two countries can exchange knowledge and expertise, benefiting from each other's strengths.

Market Access

Collaborating with China can provide Dutch healthcare companies and researchers with access to new opportunities for market expansion, investment, and collaboration.

Research and development

Joint research and development initiatives between the Netherlands and China can lead to breakthroughs in medical science and technology.

Global Health Initiatives

Collaborating on healthcare allows the Netherlands and China to contribute to global health initiatives and address pressing public health issues on a broader scale.

Cultural Exchange

Through joint training programs, academic exchanges, and professional partnerships, healthcare professionals from both countries can learn from each other's practices, cultures, and approaches to patient care.